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Lanterns Photo Credit: http://www.perpetual-inspiration.tumblr.com

2015 has been shrouded in darkness so far, as almost each of these first twelve days has brought news that a friend has lost a parent or grandparent or that their parent or grandparent is terminally ill.  It was just five days ago when my mom called to tell me that my grandmother passed away unexpectedly, so, I didn’t come away unscathed, either.  I thought that I was dealing well with my own grief and the grief of those I care about, but I have to admit that today I have stumbled, as I try to navigate the emotional minefield that is comprised of grief and anxiety.

As I process all of these recent losses and impending losses, I feel overwhelmed with a whirlwind of bittersweet feelings, which definitely feel more bitter than sweet on this Monday, especially with rain and overcast skies as the backdrop.  Death has…

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