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The new year is only twenty-five days old, and I have a confession to make.  Thanks to a less than ideal start to 2015, I have been less than kind to myself and others.  This realization has left me feeling even more guilty, stressed, and anxious, and these negative feelings have been compounded by the flu I succumbed to recently.  I have found myself regretting the way the year has begun and wishing that I could either rewind 2015 or fast forward to 2016.  Today, though, I found myself making peace with 2015 and my place in it, as I returned to a path of kindness.

As my physical symptoms from the flu begin to subside and the swirling negative emotions and thoughts slow to a manageable mix, I stopped wishing this year away and started refocusing on how to change it for the better for those around me…

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  1. Lovely post human. Be kind to yourself first- then you will have more strength to pour out kindness to those around you!🌹

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