5 Ways To Be A Trailblazer On and Off Of The Trails

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Hiker on a Dirt Trail Photo Credit: http://www.tomboyvintage.com

January ushered in more than a new year.  It also brought with it unexpected challenges in the forms of death, illness, and being visited by the ghosts of mental health issues past, sky-high anxiety and mild depression.  I was more than ready for the start of February to get 2015 back on a positive track, but unfortunately, some of January’s issues have been renewed for February, leaving me feeling like I continue to get repeatedly run over on said track.  So, after a week of feeling overwhelmed by worries and stressors, both real and imagined, and dissolving in tears on a daily basis, I decided to run away.

Temperatures more befitting of spring instead of the middle of winter lured me back to the trails for my first two trail runs of the new year, and I did more than stay on my feet, as I navigated…

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