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As I arrived at work on another bitterly cold morning, I surveyed the sidewalk that stood between the day shelter for homeless men and my car.  The usually safe path had been transformed into a sort of makeshift skating rink, thanks to the snow and ice that recently blanketed Louisville.  Slowly, very slowly, I began to make my way down the sidewalk toward the day shelter, but almost as soon as I started walking, something, or rather someone, stopped me in my tracks.

As I tentatively took my initial steps, I heard one of the older gentlemen who is a guest at the day shelter call out to me.  In a deep, booming voice, he commanded, “Stop right there!  Oh no, you don’t, Miss Kristi!  Don’t take another step.  I am coming to get you.”  I froze right where I was, as I watched him adeptly make his way across the…

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