National Women’s Health Week

It is said that charity begins at home. I agree with this, and in honor of Women’s Health Week, I am going to take this concept a step further. (Side note: For my male readers, this is not your cue to check out, as the overall concept of this post applies to you, plus, I hope that you will share this with all of the women in your life.) Along with charity beginning at home, kindness does, too, and it begins with your health.

As I have shared in previous blog posts, like many of you, I have faced various physical and mental health issues over the years. I have dealt with infertility, cervical cancer, ulcerative colitis, depression, and anxiety, and I know firsthand that my health impacts how I look, feel, and interact with the world. To have good health is to have everything, which is why I was thrilled when I discovered Oscar Insurance’s graphic and wanted to join them to spread the news about National Women’s Health Week.

While visiting your healthcare provider may not rank high on your list of favorite things to do, it is imperative to make sure that you are taking preventative measures to safeguard your health and to follow through with recommendations regarding resolving any health issues that may arise. When it comes to your health, ignorance is not bliss, and at every age, you need to know what to do to make sure that you are living the healthiest life possible. Check out the convenient Women’s Roadmap to Health provided by Oscar Insurance to guide you:

Four Women

Photo Credit: Oscar Insurance

Find a healthcare provider who is right for you, and partner with your healthcare provider by becoming your own best advocate. You can enhance this partnership by becoming attune to your body and how it works, researching health matters and treatment options, asking questions, and communicating clearly your concerns and issues. It can be scary to face a physical or mental health issue, but taking control of your health is empowering.

To make these issues less frightening, Oscar Insurance offers a number of educational and supportive services to assist you in navigating your healthcare journey. Members can access a “Doctor on Call” service within their app, which allows each member to call or text their doctor from their phone. No appointment or office visit is even necessary! If you are in the New York or New Jersey areas, check out Oscar Insurance and see what how their health insurance plans can help you with your healthcare needs.


In honor of National Women’s Health Week, I hope that you will make yourself and your health a top priority. Today, schedule that appointment with your healthcare provider that you may have been putting off, move your body, take time to breathe deeply and relax, choose healthy foods and beverages, and focus on feeling good inside and out. You are more than worth it!

Just one thing each day . . .


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