Happy Third Anniversary

While I am mathematically challenged, when it comes to dates, I have an uncanny memory.  I remember all sorts of dates from birthdays to anniversaries of my family members and friends, some whom I have not seen in years, but I remember them and certain significant occasions throughout the year.  One date nearly passed me by without notice, though.

Thanks to a notification from WordPress, I was reminded that on this day three years ago, I hit “publish” for the first time to launch my blog.  I cannot wrap my brain around the fact that three years have passed already, much less how much has changed and how much has remained the same since that day.  While I have not chronicled every thought, feeling, or event of the past three years (you are welcome for that), I have somehow managed to share more than 650 posts, and I am immensely grateful to everyone who has read even one of them.  It is humbling, frightening, and empowering to send my ramblings out into cyberspace, all in the hopes of landing safely in someone’s mind and heart.

It still astounds me that anyone takes the time to read the words that are splayed across this blog and relates to something that I have written.  One of the many things that I have discovered through blogging is how similar people are at their core, especially in our desire to forge a connection with one another. There is a sense of belonging when we discover that we are not alone in our experiences, perspectives, ideas, emotions, dreams, etc., and there definitely is strength in numbers.  So, I thank you for allowing me to share some of my journey with you and for giving me a glimpse into yours.

On the flip side, it still astounds me that anyone would read my blog for the sole purpose of trying to use my own words to hurt me or another person, but that is one of the risks of sharing parts of myself in a public forum.  It reminds me that when we are hurt, we either can choose to heal our own wounds or lash out like a wounded animal.  When we choose the latter, it says everything about our character, or lack thereof, and nothing about the other person we seek to harm.  I can live with occasionally being  criticized or hurt much easier than I can with being the one who does harm to another person.  Thankfully, 99.9% of my interactions via my blog have been nothing but positive, and those are the ones that I cherish.

Here’s to the past three years and to however many more words I have left to write!

That’s another story . . .


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  1. Well done and Happy Blogaversary!

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  2. Happy Third BlogDay! That’s quite an accomplishment!

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  3. Loves! Congrats and here’s to many more years of your positive energy and selfless soul. Xoxoxo

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