Month: July 2015


We all are many things to many people, and throughout the course of any given day, we play a variety of roles.  Parent. Partner/Spouse. Employer/Employee.  Friend.  Sibling.  Volunteer.  The list goes on and on, but just when I thought I… Read More ›

Time to Tidy Up

I am, by nature, a very neat and organized person.  As a little girl, I loved spending time cleaning, reorganizing, and rearranging my bedroom, and when I finished, I felt such a sense of pride and accomplishment.  Some things never… Read More ›

Begin Again

July marks the half way mark of 2015, and I find myself vacillating between wondering where the time has gone and wanting 2016 to hurry up and get here.  The recurrent theme of these first six months of the year has been one of loss… Read More ›