Month: October 2015

Fear of the Known and Unknown

It is said that knowledge is power, and I used to believe that whole-heartedly.  Then, I was diagnosed with breast cancer.  That knowledge terrifies me.  Just when I felt like I had made a tentative truce with that fact, the fear… Read More ›

Plus None

October always has been one of my favorite months, for fall is my most favorite season, and I feel like fall goes full throttle in the tenth month of the calendar year.  The leaves burst into colorful hues, there is… Read More ›

Forgive & Forget

Most of us know, or at least have heard of, someone who has mastered the art of peaceful detachment from their thoughts and feelings.  This person has fortified their body, mind, soul, and spirit against life’s cruelties and developed an… Read More ›

Out of Balance

Last week felt like a longer week than usual.  I worked diligently to provide the best care for everyone I served and to be a productive member of our team at work.  I also focused on being a present and loving mom… Read More ›