Gratitude Day 4

The gratitude continued well into day four, and this has been another sweet reminder that each day serves up ordinary and extraordinary moments to cherish.  These are some of my favorites today:

  1. What a wonderful surprise to open up my mailbox to find cards from friends who wanted me to know that they were thinking of me!  I still am old school enough to get excited by mail, as it is a rare treat in today’s world of texts, emails, and social media.  So, today, I devoured the beautiful words of my friends.  Huge thanks, Regina and Michelle; you made my day!
  2. Speaking of Michelle, I am grateful beyond measure for her many years of friendship that have been marked by plenty of smiles, laughter, and special memories.  When I opened her card, I found a Graeter’s gift card to feed my body and words of encouragement and love to boost my spirits.  What makes this even more extraordinary is that she took the time to think of me as she continues her own fight against breast cancer.  Michelle, I will never ever be able to thank you enough for always loving and accepting me as is and for being in my corner, as I join you in this battle.  You are my dear friend and my hero in so many ways, and I love you big time!  Now, let’s get out of this club . . .
  3. I am grateful for my daughters, whose giggles and chatter are pure music to my ears.  As complicated as life gets, to those two precious souls, I always am simply “mom”.  I love them all the way to the moon and back, and that’s a lot!
  4. To my friend, Adam, I am so thankful for your donation to the St. John Center for Homeless Men in my honor.  The day shelter remains my “home”, and they are and always will be the finest gentlemen in all of Louisville.  Your idea of helping others to commemorate your birthday truly is reason to celebrate!

Just one thing each day . . .

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