Gratitude Day 6

The first week of November is almost over, and there has been so much to be grateful for so far.  It is not as if there has been anything radically different about this month than any other month, other than the fact that I am taking the time to recognize and appreciate as many things as possible each day.  This feels like the calm before the storm, as I await to begin treatment and get kicked out of the cancer club.  In no particular order, here is what left me saying “thank you” today:

  1. Waking up to the sound of rain and lingering under my covers taking it all in before beginning my day.
  2. Having clean, hot, readily available water for a shower this morning.
  3. Having the independence that working from home brings, coupled with the camaraderie that I have developed with my virtual colleagues.  Working in casual clothes is a bonus!
  4. Bookending this day with lots of smiles, scintillating conversations, raucous laughter, and sweet moments with my person, who makes me laugh, think, and cry, sometimes, simultaneously.
  5. Sipping delicious hot ginger tea to warm me from the inside out on a rainy Friday.
  6. Having nothing to do this evening, except spending time in the company of my two beautiful daughters.  That is time well spent indeed!
  7. Being able to write as a means of encouraging, educating, and/or entertaining others and expressing myself.
  8. Listening to my favorite music and newly discovered artists that are served up by  satellite radio.
  9. Watching the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team play their final preseason game and winning it handily.  Eight may be my favorite number, but I would welcome a ninth title this season.
  10. Picking up the phone and hearing my parents on the other end.
  11. Feeling like I am going to be more than okay on every level.

Not too shabby of a day.

Just one thing each day . . .


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