Gratitude Day 7

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Today was  one of those days that found me wanting to go back to bed almost as soon I got out of it.  I had a minor disagreement with my ex-husband, engaged in a tough conversation with my daughters, had no motivation to tackle the household chores, and began to feel the fear and anxiety related to the cancer creep back in, all before noon.  Since I couldn’t declare a do over or hide under my covers, I slogged through my day and looked for whatever I could find to be grateful for, and I succeeded:

  1. Leave it to the finest gentlemen in all of Louisville, the guests at the St. John Center for Homeless Men, to give me many reasons to give thanks.  My youngest daughter and I volunteered there this afternoon, and we were greeted with hugs, big smiles, and lots of great conversations.  We may have been there to help them, but they are the ones who really made a positive difference in my day.
  2. Do you have one of those friends who makes every situation happier and brighter  and who adds a special touch to everything that they do?  I do, and her name is Elizabeth.  I arrived home late this afternoon, still feeling suffocated by the weight of the day, but leave it to Elizabeth to lighten my load.  I began to smile the minute I saw the card from her, and when I read her sweet words and saw the generous gift cards, I smiled even more.  Elizabeth really does make everything better, even cancer.

So there you have it-short, sweet, and to the point, and I am just grateful that I had a point to make on what was not the best of days.

Just one thing each day . . .


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  1. Peace and love to you, Kristi. 😊

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