Gratitude Day 9

Tree With Orange and Brown Leaves

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No offense to the Carpenters, but rainy days and Mondays do not always get me down (Side note: If you don’t understand that reference, you may be too young for this blog!).   I find something quite soothing about rain-soaked fall days, and today’s weather made for a quiet and cozy Monday.  As with the previous eight days, I found several things to feel grateful for, in addition to the rain:

  1. While I was sorry to miss her call this morning when I was working, I was surprised and grateful to receive a lovely voice mail message from my friends’ mom, Donna.  It has been far too long since I have been able to chat with her, and hearing her voice made me smile instantly.  Her words also touched my heart and made my day.
  2. Even though we are divorced, my ex-husband and I are strongly united as parents and friends, and today’s mail reminded me that while our marital status may have changed, we still are members of each other’s families.  It meant so much to me to receive cards from some of the members of his family, and he informed me that there are more to come.  It is comforting to know that when facing this latest challenge of breast cancer that they are solidly in my corner.
  3. Even though my body, or at least one of my breasts, feels like it has let me down, I was so grateful to have the time and energy to exercise this morning.  Beginning my day with a good workout exorcises my mental demons and strengthens my body, and I always feel better afterward.  It set the tone for a positive and productive day, and it also reminded me that I am not “damaged goods”.
  4. I absolutely love listening to my daughters laugh and talk with one another, as they are such awesome sisters and friends.  It makes me so proud and happy that they always have gotten along extremely well and that they genuinely enjoy spending time with one another and look out after each other.  I am proud and grateful beyond measure for both of them, and I am thrilled that they have each other.

Speaking of my daughters, it’s time to get ready to take my oldest daughter shopping and my youngest daughter to basketball practice, and I couldn’t be happier or more thankful.

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. I still find it so amazing how you and your husband developed from the relationship through the divorce into friends. It’s so great. I wish more parents would be able to do that instead of playing their children against each other…

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