Gratitude Day 11

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It has been a long day that definitely was not short on gratitude, so, let’s jump right in with today’s list:

  1. On this Veterans Day and every day, I remember and thank all of the men and women who have served our country.  Words like “hero” and “brave” are often overused and misused in today’s society, but when it comes to all of those who have donned a military uniform, these words are more than appropriate, yet still fall short.  To veterans everywhere, we thank you and salute you!
  2. Tonight, my youngest daughter made dinner for her sister and me, and it absolutely was delicious.  She took such pride in preparing chicken piccata that she learned to make in a cooking class she recently took.  I was grateful for more than the meal, as my heart was filled with joy and gratitude for this sweet girl who is becoming an even sweeter young lady.  She is a great chef, but she is an even better person.
  3.  I never used to worry when I had medical tests run, but now, even routine blood tests are anything but routine.  So, today, when no call came from my doctor’s office, the silence was golden indeed.  It was a reprieve from bad news and left me feeling a renewed sense of hope.  Maybe, the call will come tomorrow, but for today, no news really was good news.
  4. I came across a piece of cinematic crack tonight that always lures me in and leaves me smiling and crying, no matter how many times I have seen it.  I was grateful to lose myself in the “The Notebook”, yet again, and the special meaning that this film has for me.  Now, that special meaning is definitely another story whose time has not come to be told.  Maybe, someday, though . . .

Just one thing each day. . .

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