Gratitude Day 13

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Friday the 13th has earned a reputation for being a day wrought with bad luck and evil, and as the day came to an end, the brutal attacks in Paris, France were evil personified.  As the images and stories of horror flood the airwaves, I find myself feeling sad and scared for Parisians, especially my dear friends, Peter and Matt, and for everyone everywhere, as no place feels safe.  The whole world seems to have gone mad, I want to run away and hide.  Instead, I will stay put and focus on all that is good and give thanks for those things:

  1. The day began with a call from my surgeon.  As soon as I heard his voice, I felt weak in my knees, as I braced myself for what I thought would be more bad news to follow.  Instead, I heard the best possible news about my recent MRI.  He informed me that the MRI did not reveal any areas of concern other than the mass that sent me down this rabbit’s hole.  A few weeks ago, news of this mass definitely did not leave me feeling grateful at all.  Today, though, I was ecstatic and very grateful to find out that the mass is a solo act.  Breast cancer is a strange club to be in indeed.
  2. When news of the atrocities in Paris reached me, my thoughts immediately turned to my two favorite people in Paris, Matt and Peter.  I was so happy, relieved, and thankful that they both were home together, safe and sound.  In an instant everything can change, and I am glad that I had the opportunity to let them know tonight that they are in my heart and thoughts.  I cannot wait to see them when they come home for the holidays even more now.

Tonight, may each one of us be appreciative of all that we have and share some love, kindness, and goodness with the rest of the world.  We all need it.

Just one thing each day . . .

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7 replies

  1. So happy for your good news…both from from surgeon and your dear friends. Know that you remain in my thoughts.

  2. All interesting people are “complicated” and I hope you can embrace this wonderful part of yourself. I know I do…..

  3. A day of good news, all things considered! I’m glad your MRI showed those results and that your friends were okay. Such an awful thing that happened!

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