Gratitude Day 15

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You know those days that take a tremendous amount of effort to complete the smallest task, or those days when you feel like you are in emotional quicksand and cannot pull yourself out of it?  Well, I know about those days, and today was one of them.  It definitely wasn’t the best day, but here’s what was good about it:

  1. I cannot thank my friend, Jennifer, enough for listening to me, talking with me, and making me laugh hysterically at the end of the day.  There is nothing inherently funny about cancer, but leave it to Jennifer and me to hone in on the absurdity of it all and laugh irreverently about it.  Jennifer has been a priceless guide through all of this, as she is a veteran of this unfamiliar world, and tonight, she reached out to me at the perfect time and helped to salvage the day.  I have a suspicion that it won’t be the last time, either.
  2. I am grateful to my middle sister, Kim, who offered to come stay the night with me when I have surgery this week.  It means a lot to me that she offered to take time off of work and travel to be here for me.  I reassured her that I would be okay and took a rain check for help later on down the road, if needed, and to attend a University of Kentucky men’s basketball game with my daughters and her.
  3. Another rain check I requested was in response to my friend, Heather’s, offer to come have dinner tonight with her.  I was not able to accept her invitation, but I already am looking forward to when I can cash in that check, as Heather always serves up good food and even better conversations and kindness, not to mention bourbon.
  4. Last, but not least, I took my bad day to my person who helped put it in a better perspective and put some of my negative thoughts to rest.  Now, I think I will have a good night indeed.

I am looking forward to a new week and a new day, and I am feeling grateful for the people who were there for me today.

Just one thing each day. . .

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  1. How blessed you are to have such wonderful support in your life. You remain in my thoughts as always.

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