Gratitude Day 16

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The sixteenth day of November proved to be sweet indeed!  While there was much to appreciate today, there was one thing in particular that left me in happy tears and  deserves the spotlight.  What I am most thankful for is my dear friend, Michelle, and the miracle that occurred in her life today.

Michelle and I met our freshmen year in high school, and we lived together our first year in college.  She is truly beautiful on every level, and her spirit, smile, and laughter light up a room.  Michelle makes everyone feel special and loved, and she is a phenomenal wife, mother, daughter, sister, and friend who means the world to so many people, including me.  A few years ago, when breast cancer entered her world, ‘ she added ‘hero’ to her personal resume.

Michelle has battled cancer with courage, humor, and strength, and through it all, she has been an absolute bad ass.  She has not let cancer and the grueling treatments stop her from living life to the fullest and always being there for all of us.  With every challenge, Michelle rises to the occasion and meets it head on, and today, she received some much-needed and deserved good news.

Early this morning, Michelle and I exchanged text messages.  I wished her all the best for good news about her recent scan, which would indicate if the latest clinical trial she is in is working.  Typical of Michelle, she was more concerned with making sure that I am doing well, as I prepare for surgery this week.  I couldn’t stop thinking of her all morning, and when I received her text, I couldn’t stop crying and giving thanks.

She responded well to the new course of treatment, and she will continue in this clinical trial!!!  We all are grateful beyond measure for this miraculous news, and I am thrilled for her and her family.  Her fight continues, just as mine begins, and we are getting out of this club together!!!

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. Such good news for your friend!!! So glad you have each other for support. You get to be bad asses together!

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