Gratitude Day 19

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It is one week until Thanksgiving Day, and gratitude continues to light the way to one of my favorite holidays.  Although I spent the day at home alone recuperating from surgery, I still had much to be thankful for today:

  1. I was very relieved and grateful to wake up to no pain or nausea, and other than feeling tired and having a dull headache, I felt fine overall.
  2. I also was grateful to wake up at my parents’ home, after spending the night there to recover from yesterday afternoon’s surgery.  I thought I would return to my own home last night, but thanks to an anesthesia and Percocet cocktail served up at the hospital, I was in no condition to do so.  So, my parents took great care of me and proved that you can go home, again.
  3. I appreciated having the day off of work to do nothing but focus on my recovery.  It felt so good to curl up on my comfy couch and spend a beautiful day home alone.  Bad television, a good nap, and great friends and family were the best medicine for today.
  4. I was surprised and thankful to receive a gorgeous floral arrangement from my sweet friend, Mary.  It is so cheerful, fragrant, and pretty, and it reminds me of the beautiful person who sent it to me.  I really love flowers, so, this was a perfect way to end the day, as was having a chance to thank Mary during our chat this evening.

It has been a lazily peaceful day, and it is just what the doctor ordered.

Just one thing each day . . .

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