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It’s a sunny, but cold, day here in Kentucky, and I am enjoying a relaxing afternoon at home alone.  It’s one of those days when I am balancing getting household tasks completed while watching NFL football.  It’s nothing out of the ordinary, at least it wasn’t until a recent commercial break.  Usually, one of the few times I pay attention to commercials is during the Super Bowl, but one particular ad commanded my attention today.  It was an ad for a cancer treatment center.

I don’t recall the name of the healthcare facility being advertised, as I was too focused on the people appearing in the commercial.  The people  were not models or actors.  They were real people.  They were cancer patients.  They were fellow members of the club I unwillingly joined, but at first glance, this was completely lost on me.  No, my initial reaction was one of compassion and sympathy, as I thought, “Oh, those poor people”, further emphasizing that I am not one for the obvious sometimes.  Then, it hit me, I now am one of those people.

It is funny how often I forget that I am in this club until something like a commercial, a twinge from my incisions, a message from a family member or friend, or some other trigger puts cancer at the forefront of my mind.  Even my Christmas Wish List looked different this year, as I added cancer treatment friendly items, like hats and caps, to it.  Since I am awaiting my schedule for treatment, I also find myself hesitant to commit to too many plans, for fear I will have to rearrange my schedule or cancel my plans altogether.  There are also the fears about what the disease and treatment will do to my family, friends, and me, as there are so many unknowns.  I am used to having control over my schedule, so, it is odd that something that is out of sight, yet not out of my mind, have a say in my life.

I will never know all of those people, and I know that while I am one of them,  I am still me.  I also know that with every challenge, I am changed in some way, and it is my sincerest hope that I am changed for the better, lest this battle be for naught.  There is much more to this chapter, and I believe that there are many more chapters to my life that do not include breast cancer.  The story continues to unfold. . .

That’s another story . . .


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  1. I continue to be inspired by your blessed attitude. You remain in my thoughts every day.

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