Gratitude Day 23

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If today is any indicator of how the final week of this gratitude series will go, then, it is going to end on a very positive note indeed.  This was one of those days when I was reminded repeatedly how much the seemingly little things in life mean to me.  It was a good day for no good reason other than feeling sincere gratitude for random moments and things that included:

  1. Receiving a delicious delivery of Edible Arrangements.  Late this afternoon, I was surprised to receive a beautiful assortment of fruit from one of my favorite friends.  Susan and I met our freshmen year in high school, and some of my funniest memories involve her.  Her friendship is one of the sweetest treats of all, and this generous gift and show of support was like the proverbial cherry on top of a sundae.  Her thoughtfulness means a great deal to me, and her timing is impeccable, as I am focused on adapting an even healthier lifestyle to help me deal with breast cancer.  My great friend and healthy food are a winning combo!
  2. Exceeding my daily goal at work.  I generally meet or exceed my productivity goal, but I was especially grateful for doing so today, as I had to overcome a lack of motivation and difficulty reaching members to do so.  I was grateful for the three colleagues I work closest with on a special project, for we motivate and encourage each other.  Plus, we share some laughs and great stories, which definitely helps!   I also appreciate my person who checks in with me throughout the day about how work is progressing and always believes in my abilities to do quality work.
  3. Having the opportunity to help people.  As a social worker, my entire job revolves around helping a diverse group of people every day.  After work, I reflected on my day, and it suddenly hit me what an honor and privilege it is that my employer and the members we serve trust me to provide them with assistance and are appreciative of my help.  It always feels so good to make a positive difference in someone’s life, and it left me feeling thankful that I followed my heart and pursued this profession.
  4. Getting my grocery shopping finished.  On the surface, this may seem like an odd thing to feel grateful for, so, allow me to elaborate.  I had put off grocery shopping to the point that I was desperate to restock my pantry, but the thought of doing so with Thanksgiving in three days made me feel stressed out just thinking about dealing with the throngs of shoppers and picked over shelves.  So, during the drive to the store, I kept telling myself that I was very fortunate to have affordable and readily available food and that this was not a big deal.  As soon as I pulled into the parking lot, my stress was replaced with gratitude.  I found a spot close to the entrance of the store, shopped among a sparse crowd, found everything I needed easily and quickly, and saved money with coupons and discount card.  For once, procrastination paid off in spades!!!
  5. Feeling like the best days of my life are within my reach.  2015 took the crown for being the most difficult year of my life, and even though 2016 will find me in treatment for breast cancer, I firmly believe that is going to be one of the best years ever.  Beating breast cancer is on the top of my New Year’s resolutions!  Today, I felt thankful for some things close to my heart that have not come to fruition yet, but I just know that they will.  For now, I will keep those particular things to myself, but I look forward to sharing them as they happen.

Just one thing each day . . .

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