Gratitude Day 27

Photo Of Knife And Fork On A Plate Surrounded by Acorns, Gourds, And Fall Leaves On A Wooden Table

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Twenty-seven days into this series of daily posts about gratitude, I faced a challenge.  It was one of those days when I woke up feeling melancholy for no particular reason, and as the day wore on, I felt worn out by this invisible force that was wearing me down.  Then, several events occurred that reignited my attitude of gratitude:

  1. Two days ago, my surgeon gave me the go ahead to resume my regular physical activities, which included yard work.  Because of my recent post-op restrictions, much to my chagrin, I had not been able to tackle the leaves blanketing my lawn.  With rain in the forecast for the next few days, despite a lack of motivation, I knew that I would feel better if I accomplished this task this afternoon.  I was relieved that the rain held off long enough for me to finish what I set out to do.  It was nice to spend a couple of hours outside with temperatures in the upper 60s, and looking out on my yard filled me with a sense of pride.
  2. An added bonus of both the nice weather and finishing up the yard work was chatting with two of my neighbors, Linda and Abigail, who arrived home just as I concluded my yard work.  They truly are blessings to my family and me, as they always have been kind, caring, and genuine people, and we are so thankful to be their neighbors and friends.  Chatting with them always boosts my spirits, and I appreciate their concern for us.  I also really appreciated them sending over a delicious dinner for me to enjoy this evening, as it hit the spot in more ways than one!
  3. As the veil of sadness began to lift, I was thankful that a conversation with my person earlier tonight helped me to remove it to usher in more positive thoughts and feelings.  Sometimes, I get trapped in a quicksand of negativity, and my person usually is the one whose words and humor can pull me out of it.  That’s a priceless gift that keeps on giving in spades.
  4. As I paid bills and shopped on-line for Christmas gifts for my two daughters, I was very thankful that I had the financial means to pay for everything in full, as I worried that I would not be able to do so, as the medical bills are starting to arrive.  Somehow, the funds were there, and it reminded me that even when I have my doubts, things have a way of working out for the best.
  5. I welcomed the arrival of the rain this evening, as the sound of it hitting the roof is one of my favorite lullabies.  It creates a special sense of peace, and the world certainly needs more of that.

What seemed like a bad day at first glance ended up being a rather good one after all.  Sometimes, when I cannot find something to be grateful for, gratitude ends up finding me.

Just one thing each day . ..


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  1. Keep the Faith my friend. Great article and image

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