Gratitude Day 30

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This is it.  It is the last post in this thirty days of gratitude series.  I still have times when I struggle with pessimism and negativity, and some days, it is much easier to spotlight all that is right in the world than others.  That said, the more I focus on gratitude and look for it, the better I feel on a variety of levels.  So, I will continue this practice and see where it leads.  For the final post, I give you 30 moments of gratitude from day 30:

  1. Resuming my workout schedule.  After taking some time off to recover post-surgery and to simply be sloth-like, I woke up in time to exercise, and it felt great and set a positive note for the remainder of my day.  I am grateful that, despite sometimes feeling like my body has failed me with the diagnosis with breast cancer, I am able to push myself physically.
  2. Returning to work with some of favorite colleagues.  I worried when I began working at home last summer that I would not feel a connection with my virtual colleagues, and I am relieved and grateful that I was wrong.  I feel a sense of camaraderie with my colleagues, and it felt good to “see” them today.  They are such a smart, funny, compassionate, and diverse group, and I am so fortunate to work with them, even though we are not in an office together.
  3. Working from home.  I am grateful that I work in the peace, quiet, and solitude of my cozy home, which, again, is a pleasant surprise.  I have yet to feel isolated or bored, and there is something to be said about working in sweatpants, a running shirt, a bandana, and slippers.  Not having a commute and being able to do some quick household tasks during lunch or breaks also are nice perks.
  4. Exceeding the daily productivity goal, while doing quality work.  I am grateful to have a balance of quantity and quality work, as it feels satisfying  being able to offer help to others and to be productive.  Not a bad way to return from a long holiday weekend indeed!
  5. Making blueberry and pomegranate smoothies.  I am grateful for fresh fruit that is readily available for my smoothies, and given my limited culinary skills and knowledge, I was thrilled to discover that mixing blueberries and pomegranates results in a healthy and delicious drink.  Cheers!
  6. Sipping hot green tea.  I am not a coffee drinker, but I am definitely a lover and drinker of tea.  As I savored a hot cup of green tea this morning, I thought how thankful I was for my first of several cups of the day.  It is soothing and refreshing, and I drink it year round, hot and cold.
  7. Receiving calls, texts, and emails from my person.  I am thankful that I have someone to share everything and nothing at all with each day, and I also am thankful that after almost 5 years of knowing each other, we never run out of things to say.  That makes me smile big time.
  8. Having my mom’s help with my daughters.  I am so grateful that my mom is available to pick up my daughters from school and to take them to their extracurricular activities, and it helps that she enjoys doing it and that my daughters love the time they spend with her and my dad.  I always have lived hundreds of miles from my extended family, so, their bond truly touches my heart.
  9. Being great friends with my ex-husband.  As my ex-husband and I spoke today about our daughters’ activities this week and worked out the logistics, I was thankful that we have a solid friendship, as it is what is best for our entire family.  He is a terrific dad and a dear friend, and that’s what family is all about, even if our marital status is not the same.
  10. Having electricity.  With the threat of rain comes the risk of losing power, but I am grateful that I remain in the light this evening.
  11. Being surprised with a gift from my amazing friend, Jennifer.  Jennifer and I met in high school, and little did we know that we would go from classmates to being members of a club we both are never wanted to join.  As Jennifer prepares to defeat cancer for a second time, she still takes time to check on me and to offer me support, as I prepare for round one of this fight.  Her gift is one I will treasure, but as much as I love it, I love her far more.  I am grateful to her for so many things, and, if you could offer up a prayer, positive thought, or healing vibes for her, I would appreciate it.
  12. Getting to chat with my sweet friend, Mary.  It was nice to receive a call from Mary after work, as she always makes me feel better, no matter what is going on in the world.  She is a wise, sweet, beautiful soul, and I am immensely grateful for her friendship.  She has heard me laugh and cry, and she accepts me either way.
  13. Pre-registering for my first oncology appointment.  Much to my chagrin, I have figured out that cancer treatment is a “hurry up and wait” kind of process.  I am impatient and just want to get the show on the road, so, I was grateful when the oncologist’s office called me this morning to pre-register to me.  Even a small step like that makes me feel I am doing something constructive to get out of this club.
  14. Being asked to write for a cancer site.  It never ceases to amaze me who stumbles across my blog, and I was humbled and thankful when someone from a cancer site reached out to me about writing a blog for their site to help other cancer patients.  I am so new to this club, but if there is anything I can do to help someone else, I am all in.
  15. Spending some time with my daughters this evening.  Thanks to a forgotten pair of sweatpants by my oldest daughter, I was thankful to spend some time laughing and talking with my daughters when I took her this article of clothing after dinner.  Seeing their grins, listening to their chatter, and laughing with them definitely are moments I cherish.
  16. Enjoying the rain.  After a brief respite, the rain returned this evening, and I welcomed it back.  I am grateful for the sight, smell, and sound of the rain, especially to end the day.
  17. Wrapping myself up in a fleece blanket on a chilly evening.  I am thankful that I have warm and comfortable fleece blankets around the house, because they feel like a hug when I am snuggled up in one.  It’s those little pleasures that add to my day.
  18. Watching the University of Kentucky men’s basketball team win again.  I bleed blue, and I am thankful that UK is off to a good start this season.  I enjoy a variety of sports, but in Kentucky, basketball reigns supreme.  Cheering for them with my daughters made it even better.  Go Cats!
  19. Seeing Christmas lights.  In general, I do not like the Christmas season (more on that later), but I always have been mesmerized by the sight of Christmas lights against a background of darkness.  They look so pretty, and they instill a sense of joy and hope when I see them.
  20. Catching up with family and friends on social media.  For all of my misgivings and complaints about social media, whenever I see postings from loved ones, I am grateful for social media for keeping us connected to each other, no matter where we are.  The big world suddenly becomes smaller.
  21. Resolving connectivity issues tonight that allowed me to blog.  I am grateful that whatever issues affected my internet connection a little while ago were somehow resolved, as I looked forward to wrapping up this series on a positive note.  Technology often confounds me, so, I was glad it cooperated tonight.
  22. Having a good sense of humor.  I am grateful that I can laugh at myself, not take life so seriously, and bring a smile to others’ faces with humor.  I tend to be quick-witted, and this trait has proven to be an asset in connecting with other, putting people at ease, and dealing with stress.  In fact, it may be one of the greatest weapons I have to deal with breast cancer.
  23. Reading inspirational books.  I enjoy reading, but I don’t take time out of my day to do it nearly enough.  I find that when I do, though, I have a much more positive attitude and perspective about the world around me and within me.  I was reminded of this when I felt my anxiety begin to loosen its grip on me when I spent time indulging in a bit of reading today, and I intend to make in a more regular practice.
  24. Spending some time meditating.  Okay, let me clarify.  When I say meditating, I mean sitting still and trying not to come out of my skin for what feels like an eternity, but really is only 5-10 minutes.  Meditation repeatedly has been suggested to me by a number of people for various reasons, and I decided to make it part of my practice.  I cannot say that I am an eager student, but I was thankful for some time to myself today and am confident that I will get the hang of it eventually.
  25. Losing myself for a bit in television shows so bad that they are good.  I confess that there are times when I don’t want to be productive or enlightened, and I just want to escape for a bit.  For those times, I am thankful for Bravo, as I love a good train wreck that doesn’t involve me and that makes my little dog and pony show seem not so bad after all.  It’s a guilty pleasure, and I am okay with that.
  26. Listening to music.  I cannot begin to envision a life without music, as songs provide a soundtrack for my life and sometimes express thoughts and emotions that I cannot articulate or share.  I am so grateful that music is a reliable, constant companion.
  27. Having a new year on the horizon.  I am grateful for what I hope will be a fresh start in 2016, as 2015 has been the worst year of my life.  Enough said.
  28. Receiving a gift I ordered for one of my daughters in the wee hours of Saturday morning.  I am very thankful that this gift arrived so quickly, but I am even more thankful that it is the perfect size and fit for my daughter.  I was nervous that it would be too small for her, especially since it was a final sale.  I bought it at a great price, and it ended up being the perfect gift.  Win-win!
  29. Coming to the end of this ambitious and long gratitude list.  Seriously.
  30. Having friends, families, fellow bloggers, and strangers alike read my blog.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for your support, interest, and feedback, as it makes this all the more worthwhile.  It is great to be able to have a voice and to have others who are there to listen to it.  I am grateful for all of you!

Thanks for being a part of these thirty days of gratitude, and I hope that we all are mindful of everything there is that we can give thanks for each day.  Stay tuned for more stories, because there definitely are more to come.

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  1. You are blessed my friend. Thank you for your blog. It al a system stirs something inside me.

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