All I Want For Christmas

Votive Candle On A Wooden Crate Outside Amid Pincones And Snow Covered Pine Trees

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Recently, I was asked what I really wanted for Christmas this year.  Peace on earth?  Goodwill toward men (and women)?  Glad tidings?  No.  All I want for Christmas is for it to be over.

Before I am pelted  with lumps of coal or have my name permanently inscribed on Santa’s naughty list, I will offer up, for humble consideration my reason, for how I view this season.  Several years ago I confessed that I dislike Christmas, and I was heartened to find that I was not alone in my less than seasonal sentiments.  As Christmas has obscured, and all but obliterated, Halloween and Thanksgiving (Look out July 4th, as you are next), my disillusionment has grown.  The most wonderful time of the year has become anything but that for me, and I am not alone.

I am not Scrooge or the Grinch, despite being labelled as such for not embracing all things Christmas, as there are parts of this holiday season I truly cherish.  The singing of “Silent Night” at Christmas Eve Mass.  Christmas lights dotting the homes and yards in the neighborhood.  The glow of the Christmas tree providing the only light in our home late at night.  The looks on my daughters’ faces when they take in the wonderment of it all.  Christmas shows and movies from my childhood.  The spirit of giving.  I have found things to love about one of my least favorite times of the year, yet I still look forward to the end of the season.  Bring on New Year’s Day!

My disillusionment with this season is not original at all.  I increasingly have become overwhelmed by the commercialism of the holiday itself and the annual cramming of everything we could see, do, and buy throughout the entire year into a solitary and stressful month.  I have chosen to simplify things as much as I can, and I am more than content with leaving others to celebrating, or not celebrating, as they so desire.

My simple wish is that we look for ways to share the gifts of ourselves with the rest of the world as readily as we buy gifts for others; that we offer our presence, along with our presents; and that we spread peace, love, and joy to everyone, not just the ones we deem worthy or deserving.  Whatever and however you choose to spend this holiday season, may you make this month and every month of the year merrier and brighter for a dark and weary world that needs your light more than ever.

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  1. I share the same feelings with you about Christmas. Hang in there! ! New Year is a coming!

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