The Year of Living Intentionally: Day 2

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I awoke this morning, basking in both sunlight and the glow of the new year.  As I lingered under the covers, I thought to myself, “It’s the second day of the new year.  Now what?!”  It wasn’t a rhetorical question.  As the question remained in the forefront of my mind, I reflected on my desire to live intentionally, and more questions emerged:

What does it mean to live intentionally?
How do you know if you are doing it “right”?
What if I cannot figure it out?
What if I try and fail?

In the not so distant past, these questions would have sent me down the rabbit hole of more and more questions, fueled by increasing self-doubt and self-sabotage.  Before, I would have become paralyzed and burrowed further under the covers.  Today, this was not an option.  Not on this second day of the new year and not on any other day.  Those days are over.

So, again, now what?!  Instead of focusing solely on the practical tasks that needed to be checked off of my never-ending “To Do” list, I turned my attention toward the visions I hold of, and for, myself and my life.  As soon as these images entered my mind, I felt myself reflexively begin to smile, and that first day of the new year anticipation and excitement were reinforced.  Instinctively, I knew what I needed to do.

I needed to take the next right steps, and I needed to trust myself to know what those steps would be.  Rather than being tied to the outcome, I focused on what I could do today to cultivate those same positive feelings my dreams evoke and to take steps in the right direction to make them a reality.  I knew that if I did not live intentionally today that I would regret it, if not tonight, then another day.  Life is too short for regrets, so, I opted to take action.

In order to reach my physical I goals, I need to exercise and make healthier food choices, so, I did.  In order to reach my goals of expanding my writing, I need to write, so, I did.  In order to be happier, I need to stay present and mind both my words and self-talk, so, I did.  To get where I want to go, I have to be intentional in all that I do, think, say, and feel, or else I am going to spend my life wishing, hoping, dreaming, and discussing my dreams and never see them come true.  To me, that would be tragic, as never trying at all is worse than trying and not succeeding.

On day two, I tried and succeeded.  I don’t know what tomorrow or the rest of 2016 will bring, but each day, I will invest in my present and future selves and live with intention.  I am well on my way, and I hope that you are, too.

Just one thing each day . . .


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  1. This is a brilliant theme for the year – to live intentionally. I wish you every success.

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  2. Beautiful post….I can relate to so much of what you wrote about. I am working on savoring the present while allowing myself to dream of the future. Here’s to living with our hearts Kristi Jo…..


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