The Year of Living Intentionally: Day 10

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Were you one the many dreamers who bought a lottery ticket, in hopes of winning $900 million?  How did you feel when you learned that no-one won last night’s jackpot? Disappointed that you wasted money on a losing ticket?  Hopeful that you have another chance to win?  Ambivalent?

I rarely play the lottery, but at the last minute, I headed out on a chilly, rainy evening to invest $10 to have the opportunity to become obscenely wealthy.  Despite odds that definitely were not in my favor, I reasoned that I had just as much of a chance of winning as anyone else did, and I had to pay to play, so, I did.  And I didn’t win.

When I saw only one matching number among the 5 rows of numbers on my lottery ticket, I didn’t regret being $10 poorer than two hours earlier.  For I knew that had I not bought the ticket, I would have regretted not taking this calculated risk more than having $10 less in my wallet.  Even though I didn’t cash in that ticket, I intend to try my luck another time with another ticket.  Maybe, it is foolish to participate in something that is next to impossible to win, but as I have found time and time again throughout my life, even impossible has its limits.

I am not a risk taker by nature, but I am a big dreamer and doer.  For far too many years, I chose the safest route available for myself and my life, in an attempt to please and appease others and to avoid pain and disappointment.  It took hitting an emotional rock bottom almost 5 years ago to destroy my comfort zone, and it took being diagnosed with breast cancer last fall to remind me that life is meant to be lived, not feared.  Part of living intentionally means not shying away from taking chances and risks, and it means not being afraid of failing or getting hurt along the way.

While I may have lingering self-doubt and anxiety and retreat to my corner to lick my wounds from time to time, I continue to learn to trust my intuition, even in the face of naysayers or daunting odds.  Sometimes, it is difficult to not allow someone else’s short-sightedness or negative perceptions shake my belief in myself and my dreams, and at times, I have allowed myself to get thrown off track based on another’s views or so-called facts.  Not anymore, though.

2015 offered up an overwhelming number of lessons regarding how life can change in an instant, and it was a year littered with losses and gut-wrenching pain.  In 2016, I am committed to taking even the smallest of steps each day to make the seemingly impossible possible in my life and in the lives of others and to fulfill my commitment to living intentionally.  If I try and fail, so be it, at least I tried and will not be haunted by a life of wondering “what if”  and living a life that is not my own.  Also, I have discovered that any time I trust and follow my intuition that even if the outcome differs than the original image in my head and heart, it always ends up being better than I had imagined.  Always.

So, am I going to win the lottery this week and become wealthier than my wildest dreams?  Will all of my intentions be realized in the upcoming year?  Is my intuition spot on again?  I don’t know, and neither do you actually.  What I do know is that anything is possible as long as there is someone who believes it is.  Odds are meant to be defied.  I will bet on faith, hope, and love over facts and figures every single time, and I would rather dare greatly than live meekly.  I am betting on myself this year, and I will win.

Just one thing each day . . .



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  1. I love your winning attitude and living by your intuition. I too spent too much time taking the safe path and do not want to do that any longer as well. I am on this journey with you Kristi Jo. Here’s to living with our whole hearts. Hugs….

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