Text Message About Irregardless

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Being diagnosed with breast cancer has introduced my family, friends, and me to a slew of new medical terms and treatments.  We have had to be on our “A” game and become quick studies, with some being quicker than others.  As I prepared for another round of radiation therapy, my person wished me well with “tanning”.  When I corrected him, he responded with, “Tanning.  Radiation.  Same thing.”

Irrgardless of the seriousness of the situation, leave it some dark humor to lighten up the mood. . .

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  1. Get a tan and kick cancer in the ass!! Awesome….glad you are doing well.

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  2. Every time I feel overwhelmed and yet I manage to do one small thing, I think of that phrase of your ‘just one thing each day’ and it uplifts me. And I think of you. So here is hoping all goes well for you and you manage to get through all this in good spirits coping well with ‘one thing each day’.
    {hugs and sunshine from Australia}

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