It’s All In The Genes, or Is It?

Quote About Genes In Black Test On A Gray Background

Photo Credit: Shiloh – Repo! The Genetic Opera : Genetic Emancipation

Breast cancer treatment is a physical and emotional obstacle course.  There are tests upon tests, surgeries, scans, and therapies to get through, and there is always another hurdle to be cleared.  This morning, I made it over one more obstacle, and I am catching my breath at the moment.

This morning, I was ushered into a large conference room and seated between a geneticist and a genetic counselor.  In the hands of the genetic counselor were the results of my recent genetic tests.  I looked from her hands to her face, trying to get a read on what she was about to tell me, but her facial expressions remained neutral.  I felt like I was a defendant awaiting the jury’s verdict in a trial.

Finally, she delivered the verdict.  The results of genetic tests were negative, which was the best news possible for several reasons.  It meant that my breast cancer is not genetic.  It meant that I am not an increased risk for ovarian cancer or a reoccurrence of breast cancer.  It meant that I do not have to decide whether or not to have my ovaries, fallopian tubes, and breasts removed at this time.  It meant that I can breathe a bit easier when I think of my daughters’ and sisters’ risk of joining this club.  It meant that I could finally exhale and no longer fear some of the many unknowns.

I still have more challenges to face, but I am not thinking of them right now.  All I can think of is that I am relieved and grateful for being tossed a life-preserver to save me from drowning in the gene pool.  Just keep swimming.

That’s another story . . .


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  1. So very happy for you Kristi Jo….one less thing to worry about. Enjoy. …

  2. Kristi I started crying when I read your news. What a weight to be lifted from your shoulders. I am really happy for you and your family, Thanking God for prayers answered.

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