The Year of Living Intentionally: Day 46

Ever since my two daughters began school, part of their after school ritual is to share what they did during the day and to review the work that they did with me.  At this point, I feel like I have seen just about every academic assignment and project that exists.  Then, my oldest daughter brought home something that surprised me.

Recently, she told me about an assignment that she completed that required her to write a letter to her role model.  After providing a brief explanation of the task, she handed her letter to me.  I thought that she wanted me to proofread it, but as soon as I began reading the letter, I realized that I was not the editor in this case.  No, I was the recipient.

In my CCL class, we were asked to write a letter to our role model, and I chose you.  I chose you, because you are one of the most caring people I know.  I appreciate how much you sacrifice and care for me, and I couldn’t imagine life without you.  You have made such a big difference in my life, and you shown me and taught me so much.  You help me whenever I am stressed or worried, and you show me how I should act and treat others.  You inspire me with your generosity towards people in need, your commitment towards whatever you’re working on, and your efforts towards your work.  I plan to live up to this example by always putting forth my best effort, but not to stress out, if I can’t get it perfectly.  Thank you for all you do, love you.

As I read her beautiful letter to me, I was humbled and shocked.  It is not that I think that I am a bad role model, but it overwhelmed me to think that of all of the people in the world, this sweet and innocent soul chose me, her perfectly flawed mom.  When I shared with her my surprise that she chose me, she returned my surprise by saying incredulously, “Of course, I picked you, Mom.”

As I focus on living each day with intention, my daughter reminded me that nothing I do happens in a vacuum.  Everything I put out into the world is seen, heard, or felt by other people, including my daughters, and it was a touching and powerful reminder that she and her sister are watching me and listening to me.  So, I need to make sure that my words and actions make a positive difference, because they do matter.

Her letter also reminded me that I am own worst critic, when I would be better served being my own best friend.  Too often, I focus on my shortcomings and mistakes, especially as a parent, and yet, my daughter did not mention any of the things that I worry about or berate myself for on a regular basis.  No, she focused on the positives, and perhaps, I should follow her lead and do the same.  That is my intention today and every day going forward, especially since the eyes of the world, or at least the eyes of the two most important people in my world, are on me.

Just one thing each day . . .




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  1. Love the fact that it’s what you DO, not what you say, that inspires your girl! Be proud, Kristi Jo; you deserve it!!!

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  2. Kristi Jo what a beautiful honor for your daughter to name you as her mentor. Sounds like they are following in your footsteps my dear. You must be so very proud and you should be. They carry the strings to our hearts, our children. They show us the positive things that they see that we often take for granted about ourselves. Time to keep our eyes wide open.

    Love to you

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  3. That’s beautiful – truly something (and someone!) to be incredibly proud of 🙂

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