The Year of Living Intentionally: Day 52

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This morning, I awoke to the sound of a hard, steady rain intermingled with the sound of the wooden blinds gently hitting the window sill with every inhale and exhale of the wind.  As the sleep fell away from my eyes and mind, I became aware of how amazingly peaceful this present moment truly was.  I felt warm and cozy nestled in my bed, as fresh air continued to fill the room, and I did not feel the usual urge to spring out of bed to tackle the day.  Instead, I felt content, which is somewhat new territory for me.

You see, I have long equated feeling content with settling.  So, the concept of contentment has been one that I have rejected and railed against on my quest to take the visions and ideas in my heart and mind and make them a reality in the outer world.  How could I possibly feel or be content when there is still so much I want to improve, change, and create?!  The mere thought of being content in less than ideal situations has been met with contempt on my part, but lately, I have begun to part ways with that perception.

This gradual acceptance of contentment began when, as so often happens, I started running across quotes and articles that addressed contentment.  These seemingly random occurrences began to feel anything but random, so, I decided to give contentment another chance.  I am glad that I did.

As I read more about what it means to be content, I discovered that contentment and settling are not to be used interchangeably.  What may seem obvious to others had escaped me, perhaps due to my own stubbornness of being so invested in my goals and dreams that I delay happiness and gratification until I achieve them.  I often feel restless during my pursuit, which becomes the springboard for anxiety and depression.  Contentment seemed to have no place in this equation, but now, it all adds up.

As I continue to learn how to live with great intention on a daily basis, I discovered that contentment must be part of the foundation.  As I savored this quiet, rainy morning, I felt truly happy and at peace, and it reminded me that I experienced these emotions, even though nothing really had changed.  The same unrealized hopes and dreams and ongoing challenges were, and are, still there, but in that moment, none of it mattered.  All I could focus on was how wonderful it felt to have my windows open in the middle of the winter and how soothing the rain sounded.  At that moment, I was content and happy.

As I continue to make my way through this day and the ones to follow, I take with me the lesson of being content with who I am, where I am, and what I have.  Contentment calls us to be grateful and happy in the moment, which may not always be easy to do in a world that sometimes feels like it thrives on chaos and negativity, but I am now focused in hearing and answering that call.

Just one thing each day . . .

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  1. Contentment is a wonderful place to be in your mind. Glad you are treasuries it as you move down the path to your goals and aspirations. Hugs…

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  2. Grateful in the moment … yes, contentment is definitely a worthwhile place to be.

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