It is funny how many people enter and exit our lives throughout the years.  Some people have been in our lives nearly for as long as we have been alive, while others come and go so quickly that they barely register on life’s radar.  Some people’s presence is lost on us until we have to deal with their absence, and others change the trajectory of our lives when they come, when they go, and if, or when, they return.  On this day, a number of years ago, I stumbled into the life of one of those latter people, and life changed in ways that neither one of us could have predicted.

As I recall that day and so many of the events that have transpired in our respective lives since that fateful day, I find myself here in this moment still trying to make sense of it.  It is an exercise in futility, though, for I know that no words exist to adequately describe both this person and what it has been like being in and out of each other’s lives over time.  Some people and some things defy explanation, logic, or definition.  They simply are who and what they are, yet there is nothing simple about them at all.

People enter our lives with their own stories and agendas, and we end up being part of a cast of thousands in some sort of cosmic or global play, which sometimes feels more like the Theater of the Absurd than anything else.  It is nothing short of miraculous when we find another soul who makes us feel heard and understood, and from the moment of that recognition between souls, there is a journey that begins that is a delicate balance between traveling alongside of each other, while continuing on our own path at our own pace.

There have been times when we are on the same path, and there have been plenty of times when we have lost our footing.  Still, there have been other times, when one of us has left the other one alone on the path and not returned for an extended period of time.  I don’t know where the path will lead either one of us, nor do I know if and when our paths may diverge, either temporarily or permanently.  I do know that there is a reason our paths crossed when they did, even though, I have questioned and, at times, regretted it, and I have to trust that, one way or another, I will be better for it.

That’s another story . . .


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