The Year of Living Intentionally: Transitions

Yellow Butterflies and Pink and Red Flowers

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Sometimes, things just pop into my head, seemingly from nowhere, yet definitely coming from somewhere.  As February faded into March, one word presented itself to me quite boldly and fearlessly and has commanded my attention for these past few days.  As it marinated in my mind, it became a feast for my eyes, as I began seeing it in various pats of print media at every turn.  The more I saw it, the more I embraced it.  I don’t know the meaning of its appearance, but I do know that this word is meant for me.


Our lives are a constant series of transitions.  Some transitions may be expected or planned, such as graduating, starting a new job, or moving to a new home.  Other transitions are unexpected and unplanned, such as coping with life after a loss or living with a newly diagnosed disease.  As we transition from the present to the future, we may find ourselves in a physical, emotional, spiritual, and/or financial purgatory of sorts.  We know where we have come from, yet we may not have an idea of where we are going.  That’s where I find myself these days, as I am in the midst of my own transitions.

Transitions come in various forms and affect us in a variety of ways.  Some transitions leave us giddy with excitement and anticipation, and we enjoy the journey from the known to the unknown immensely.  Other transitions invoke fear and anxiety, and our journey is filled with uncertainty and stress.  During some transitional periods, I have wished for a fast forward button to assuage my fears about what awaited me, or I have wished for a timeframe to know precisely how much longer I would be in the throes of this transition.  To date, neither of those wishes have come true, so, I have been left to my own devices to navigate these transitional waters.

As the word transitions has become my new companion, I have felt an unfamiliar, yet welcome, sense of contentment.  I recognize that there are many transitions occurring in the world at large and in my own little dog and pony show, and my usual abject fear of the unknown and my impatience for discovering the known have been replaced by feelings that almost defy description.

As I focus on living with more meaningful and genuine intent, I have started to reap the benefits of my daily practices of setting intentions, being present, and focusing on gratitude.  I still am revisited by anxiety, self-doubt, and stress during certain moments, but those moments are becoming less frequent and less intense, while my resolve and faith have increased.  I feel like something grand is on the verge of happening, in the sense that either I am going to complete the transition and thrive or stumble back down the rabbit’s hole and remain trapped in situations that no longer serve me well.  The latter may happen, but I am taking the necessary steps to bring about the former.

As winter transitions to spring, so, may we all welcome the transitions that bring us to the new seasons of our own lives.  We may not know what will happen, but I am starting to learn and to trust that we all will find our way and come through the transitions changed for the better.  At least, that is what I am counting on and what drives me to keep going, especially on the days when I want to give up.

Just one thing each day . . .


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  1. Beautifully written, Kristi Jo. I’ve been thinking a lot about navigating transitions, too, and–while I know even GOOD transitions bring a certain kind of stress–I am trying to reframe my thinking–to see the opportunities embedded. Your positive post is a great support in that process!

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  2. Kristi Jo, Thought I would share another wonderful post about change-times…and then i am going to share yours with her!

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  3. Wonderful post Kristi Jo and a big thank you to Pam for making this connection…we’re all in very good and helpful company!!

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