The Year of Living Intentionally: Storytellers

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I love stories and the people who are brave enough to tell them.  I find the truth to be far more fascinating than fiction, and some of the greatest lessons I have learned have come from stories told by people who have more life experience than I do.  The past can be pertinent in the present, and some stories take on new life when said aloud.  So, I found it quite appropriate that on this first day of spring that I was included in a gathering of wise and wonderful women who freely shared some of their many stories and listened to some of mine.  In today’s virtual world, this simple event satisfied my growing craving for real-time connection.

I am the youngest person in my family, which may be why I have tended to gravitate toward older people, so, I felt quite at ease being in the presence of these women.  As we talked, it struck me how much wisdom filled that room, and how the most ordinary moments suddenly become extraordinary when discussed among ourselves and seen through different eyes.  When your story is heard by those with open minds and compassionate hearts, they take on a healing quality for both the storyteller and the listener.

As I listened to their stories, I was reminded that people are more similar than dissimilar, but too often, we don’t take the time to have meaningful conversations with another to discover this.  Part of living intentionally is learning to create a life worth living and stories worth telling, as well as seeking out stories that need to be heard.  Today, I took more steps toward creating the life I envision, which means there will be more stories to be told, and I found a seat at the table of my elders, who generously shared  themselves and their stories with all those fortunate enough to be present.  Everyone has a story to tell, so, take some time to tell yours and to listen to the stories of the people you encounter.  It is time well spent indeed.

That’s another story. . .



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  1. Wonderful wise words. Beautiful day.

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