The Year of Living Intentionally: Creating Even When . . .

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As the year continues to advance at an astounding rate, one of the most significant things that I have learned thus far is that living intentionally requires consistent and persistent time, energy, and effort.  Every day.  Every. Single.  Day.

This means that if I want to create the life that I envision for myself and the people I love, then, I have to do it.  That sounds easy enough, except for when it’s not easy at all.  It means that I have set daily intentions and support those intentions with positive actions and thoughts.  Even when I don’t feel like it.  Even when I am being lured into the social media wasteland.  Even when the demands of every day life intrude.  Even when I doubt myself.  And even when, especially when, others doubt me.

There are countless reasons and excuses that I can employ, and have employed, every day to keep me right where I am or to send me hurtling backward into an emotional abyss that nearly killed me.  But why would I choose to stay complacent or return to a place that nearly killed me?  Because I am a human being, and we human beings have an uncanny way of dreaming big dreams, only to allow them to die without ever trying to bring them to life.  We are guaranteed never to fail, if we never attempt to succeed.  And for some of us, creating a safe life is enough.  Until it’s not enough.

It took a bout of depression and anxiety to cause my world to implode, and I had to pick up the remnants of my formerly safe life to begin creating the life that I was meant to live, which can be simultaneously ordinary and extraordinary.  As I began to take steps toward to this life, a breast cancer diagnosis caused me to take a significant  step back, take it all in, and then, begin to move forward again.  Ever so slowly, at first, but lately, I find myself picking up momentum.

As I pick up speed and pick up the pieces one more time, I hear the tick tock of an unseen clock, as it reminds me of time gone by and of the present time that is mine to either create something or lose everything.  At times, I get lulled into complacency, because let’s be honest, juggling today’s obligations and responsibilities with tomorrow’s dreams and goals can be utterly exhausting.  Learning to manage present priorities without sacrificing my future plans is a daily negotiating act.  Living intentionally is not without its challenges, but living a life on autopilot is without any rewards.

Even the most difficult days are made easier when I follow through with my intentions and inch closer to my goals.  So, that’s what I shall continue to do.

That’s another story . . .



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