Month: January 2017


  A few years ago, a series of popular books were published that offered readers suggestions about making healthier food choices by swapping out an unhealthy food for a healthy one.  The idea focused, not on the deprivation touted by… Read More ›

Firsts and Lasts

As my youngest daughter’s birthday approached, her usual excitement and enthusiasm suddenly were replaced with an uncharacteristic negativity and dread.  Like me, she wears her heart on her sleeve, so, I can always tell when dark emotions cloud her sunny… Read More ›


Spoiler Alert:  If you do not want to know the meaning behind the symbol of  a heart being shared on social media, do not read any further.  Stop.  Turn back.  Do not pass go.  Read no further. Disclaimer:  If you… Read More ›

Creating Beauty

I have visceral reactions to the world around me.  It’s a force that is not always easily explained, but it doesn’t require  a reason or explanation, other than it draws me in and leaves me wanting more.  I have had such… Read More ›