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There’s nothing I like more than a good To Do list.  Well, actually, there are a lot of things I like more than such a list, but for the sake of today’s blog, let’s just go with my original statement.  It’s not the list itself that garners my affection, but rather, it is the feeling I get every time I can cross something off of that list.  The only problem is that the list never ends.  Never. 

Most of the time, as soon as I cross something off of the list, something is quick to take its place.  Some days, I have enough time and energy to decimate the list.  Other days, that list taunts me for failing to cross off a single thing.  I like the organization that the list provides, yet too often, I feel like the list holds me captive, albeit in a very clean, well-organized space.  I get so caught up in what I have to do, that I neglect what I want to do.   Recently, I finally found a way to broker a peace treaty of sorts between the list and myself.

Because I tend to gravitate toward anything related to organization, I decided to return to a day planner and invested in the one pictured at the top of this page.  Its layout is clean and crisp, and it is simple to use.  That said, I found a way to make it complicated and burdensome.  It actually began to work against, instead of for me.  So, I relegated it to a bottom drawer for several months, before dusting it off to be part of the new year.

Each day provides space for a number of different types of entries, but I decided to simplify it by focusing on only two of the areas.  Today’s Top Three and To Do:

I begin each morning by creating my Today’s Top Three list and my To Do list, like I previously had done, but I made one significant change to my Today’s Top Three list.  Actually, I made three significant changes.

Instead of listing the top three chores or tasks for the day, I decided to list one specific daily action that I could take that would benefit three areas of my life.  My home.  My heart.  My health.  These areas inspired, and are impacted by, the intentions and resolutions that I made for 2017, and as important as they are to me, I don’t want them to sit idly by, waiting for what’s left of my time.  They are worthy of my daily time and attention, and that’s what I decided to give them.

Some of the daily actions I have chosen to take, so far, in each area include:

My home: Buy a writing desk.  Light candles.  Rearrange some of the furniture.

My heart:  Write in my gratitude journal.  Listen to music.  Blog.  Dream.

My health:  Exercise.  Drink lemon water.  Eat pomegranate, blueberries, and raspberries.  Sleep more.

Each day, I choose something that I want to do, not that I have to do.  It sets the tone for the day, because I have something to look forward to doing.  It provides me with immediate gratification, in addition to providing me with the knowledge that each daily action that I take will help me honor my intentions and resolutions and reach my goals.

I still have my constant companion, my To Do list, but my Today’s Top Three list provides a nice counterbalance.  Now, my responsibilities and desires coexist peacefully on the pages of my planner, as they are equally important.  Small steps definitely can lead to big changes, at least, that’s what I am counting on this year.

Just one thing each day. . .


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  1. I love your approach. I think I am going to try and use this same approach for myself. Thanks for sharing Kristi!

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  2. My home – My heart – My health
    Fantastic trio!

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