Month: May 2017

More Than May Flowers

This year, April showers brought more than just May flowers.  There still were the traditional blanket of lilies and the garland of roses for the respective winners of the Kentucky Oaks and Kentucky Derby, along with Mother’s Day bouquets.  Joining… Read More ›

Spoiler Alert

More and more, I experience moments of pure contentment.  These moments come from the simplest of things.  Feeling a breeze swirling silently through our home.  Running the trails on a gorgeous day off.  Losing myself in a good book.  Engaging… Read More ›


My day began with a solitary walk through my neighborhood, during an hour that usually is reserved for sleep or savoring the first cup of coffee or tea.  I had a fitful night’s sleep and decided that the best remedy was… Read More ›

The Surrender

Maybe, you noticed that I have not written very much lately.  Maybe, you didn’t notice at all.  Either way, that’s okay, because I did both.  Some days, I was acutely aware of the lack of content being launched into cyberspace,… Read More ›