What’s in a Name 

I attribute my mastery of spelling, in part, to the fact that I have been spelling my first and last names almost since the moment I could speak. Despite the fact that my first name is much easier to pronounce and spell than my last name, it still trips people up. It also has led to some unsolicited  commentary along the way. Oh, you spell it the new way. That’s a weird way to spell it.  You don’t spell your name the way it is supposed to be spelled. 

Irregardless of how many times someone has commented on my name, nothing prepared me for this recent exchange with a random person:

Random Person: Has that always been your name?

Me: Do you mean my last name?

Random Person: No. Is Kristi your real name? It sounds like an exotic dancer.

I explained that Kristi is my given name, not a stage name, and that exotic dancer does not appear anywhere on my resume,as a dancer of any kind, I am definitely not.  I thought that this was the end of this discussion, but the random person decided to leave me with this suggestion:

You should ask Santa for a pole for Christmas. 

If I hear Santa bellowing, On Dancer, I really hope he is talking to his reindeer. . .

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  1. That was awfully presumptive for a random person, no? 😃

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