Gratitude, Namaste 

Considering how many hours we spend working, it is natural that, at times, colleagues become friends.  I have been so fortunate to work with some incredible people over the years, and I have been even more fortunate to have formed relationships outside of work with some of them.  Getting to know them on a more personal level has given me a glimpse into their interests, talents, and dreams that exist outside the realm of the 9-5 work grind.  Today, my day began and ended with gratitude for some such colleagues.

For over a year, most Sunday mornings have found me in a Pilates studio being taught for a former colleague.  Merritt decided to pursue her dream of becoming a certified Pilates instructor, in addition to her full-time career in the non-profit world, and I gladly accepted her offer to be one of her students during her apprenticeship.  I am beyond grateful to Merritt for helping me to become physically stronger and leaner, but my gratitude goes beyond this.

I am grateful to Merritt for letting me be a small part of reaching this particular goal.  I am so proud of her, and I am also inspired by her.  She goes after her dreams and does not stop until she reaches them, which is truly motivating.  Time spent with her is good for my body and my soul, and for that, I give thanks.

My day ended with two current colleagues, Monya and Trista, after accepting an invitation from Monya to join her for yoga nidra.  While I consider myself a yoga reject, thanks to my numerous unsuccessful attempts to fully engage in, and embrace, the practice, it meant a great to me that Monya wanted to share such a personal and meaningful part of her life outside of work with us. So, I went, and I am deeply thankful and happy that I did.

My mind tends to go a mile a minute, and I can barely get through a 5 minute meditation. So, imagine my surprise when my thoughts gave way to to the guided meditation, while my entire body melted into the yoga mat, in a state of total relaxation. As Monya, Trista, and I sipped hot tea afterward, I felt at peace and content. I still do.

It was a good day from start to finish, and I am grateful. 

Just one thing each day . . .

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