Gratitude, Mundane Monday

Gratitude, Mundane Monday

As I thought about what I am grateful for on this sixth day of November, at first, I drew a complete blank, and I couldn’t figure out why.  I am not feeling ungrateful.  I didn’t have a bad day.  I am not experiencing writer’s block.  So, what gives?

After a great deal of thought, I felt my mind grind to a halt.  Surely, I had not run out of things to be grateful for, had I?  Of course not, and for that I really was grateful.  I had been spinning my wheels looking for a Wow moment to give thanks for and to share, but it was an ordinary day that was more Meh than Wow.  

Once I stopped searching for an extraordinary moment and focused on the ordinary moments, I found a lot to be grateful for on this mundane Monday:

I woke up. If you are reading this, you did, too, so, join me in giving thanks for something that not everyone was able to do today.  We may take it for granted, and it may not always be easy, but life is truly a gift.

I was able to exercise.  After a couple of weeks of crackling lungs, coughing, and feeling fatigued, I finally was able to ease back into my workout regime.  Exercise does as much as for me emotionally as it does for me physically, so, it felt good to start moving again.

I drove my daughters to school.  As my oldest daughter prepares to take her driver’s license test, I am clinging to these last few mornings when I will be the one driving her to school.  I thoroughly enjoy my morning commute with my daughters, as we have some great chats and lots of laughs during this time together.  It is one of my favorite times of the day.

I have electricity . . . and running water . . . and food  . . . and heat . . . and a host of other things that I don’t give a second thought to on most days.  I rarely think about how thankful I am to have these basic daily amenities, until I do not have them. but today, I was happy and grateful to flip a switch to turn on the lights.  With the twist of a knob, I had clean, hot water for my shower.  I opened the refrigerator, freezer, and pantry to find an abundance of food options for my daughters and me.  When the temperatures dropped, the furnace kicked on to warm up the house.

As time goes on, chances are that I will not remember anything specific about this particular day.  For today, though, I remembered that sometimes, even when I have a memory lapse, there is something to be grateful for always.  Always.

Just one thing each day. . .

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  1. Liked your gratitude list on a Meh day. We all take so much for granted and its good to stop and focus on everyday small joys.
    I enjoyed reading your post. I was grateful for meeting up with some friends today. In our tech driven world it was nice to enjoy a lengthy phone conversation.

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