Gratitude, Simple Pleasures

Gratitude, Simple Things

Today’s gratitude is compliments of a compilation of small, simple pleasures that popped up throughout the day.

TGIF.  It has been a long week, and I am ready for a break.  So, as I flipped the date on my calendar to reveal Friday, the gratitude washed over me and washed away the worries of the week a bit.

Technical Difficulties.  As soon as I start my car, I turn on the radio, and immediately, the car fills with the sweet sound of music.  This morning, though, the car was filled with silence, which was broken with my exclamations of surprise and dismay.  Instead of  the radio displaying the name of the artist and the song, there was a message regarding a problem with the antenna.  I didn’t know anything about the antenna, but I did know that there was a problem.

As I jiggled wires, unplugged cords, and offered silent prayers, I tried to remain calm and positive, as my youngest daughter looked on amused.  My frantic inner pleas for help turned into shouts of glee and heartfelt thanks the moment the silence was broken by music emanating from the car’s speakers.  Our commute commenced normally, and all was right in the world once again.

Fan Favorites.  Almost as if to apologize for the scare it gave me, my radio offered up some of my favorite songs.  Live versions of Pearl Jam’s Release and Hail, Hail and Jane’s Addiction’s Jane Says.  Depeche Mode’s Personal Jesus.  These songs and other musical gems left me smiling big time.

Tea Time. I don’t drink coffee, but I do drink green tea.  On the mornings when I take my daughters to school, I usually treat myself to tea from Starbucks.  Today, I needed a double, as I ordered both hot and iced green tea.  I told you that it has been a long week!  I was grateful that the line was relatively short ,and I also was grateful for the delicious pick me ups on a cold morning.  Cheers!

The Decimation of the To Do List. The last thing that I felt like doing after work was tackling my To Do list, but I am grateful that I mustered up the motivation and energy to knock off a lot of chores on my list.  I am thankful that I now have more free time over the weekend.  Dishes.  Laundry.  Cleaning the house.  Grocery shopping.  Check. Check. Check. Check.  Whew!

The day and the week are coming to an end, but I am beginning to realize that there really is no limit to gratitude.

Just one thing each day . ..

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