Gratitude, Rainy Sunday

Gratitude, Rainy Sunday

I used to dread Sunday, as it signaled the end of the weekend and the impending arrival of Monday and the weekday grind.  I would spend most of the day wishing that it were not Sunday, and by the time evening would arrive, I would find myself in the throes of the Sunday blues.  I do not recall when this weekly exercise in doom and gloom ended, but I am glad that it did, especially on Sundays like this one.

At some point, Sunday went from being a day that I immensely disliked to one that I now look forward to each week.  I do my best to use Sunday as a time to rest, relax, regroup, and re-energize, and more often than not, I succeed.  Today, I did do in spades.

I am grateful for a rainy Sunday at home by myself.  While I worked out and did a few household chores, for the most part, I have spent a decadent day of indulging in things that I do not take enough time to do on a regular basis.  I have spent time ensconced in my comfortable and cozy bed reading, writing, and alternating between NFL football and NCAA men’s basketball.  Go Vikings, and go Cats!!!

At times, I felt pangs that I should be doing something.  I am glad, though, that I silenced my inner critic and allowed myself to enjoy the solitude and these simple pleasures.  I am grateful for time to myself, as it has been time well spent, even if I did not spend it doing anything productive.

So, let it rain, and let the rest of the day commence.  I am content and grateful, and I am ready for the week ahead.

Just one thing each day . . .


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