Gratitude, My Smile

Gratitude, My Smile

My smile always has been somewhat of my signature, albeit unintentionally so.  I grew up hearing a running commentary about my smile from friends, family, and strangers alike.  You’re always smiling.  You have a beautiful smile.  If you keep smiling like that, you’ll have wrinkles before you are a teenager.  

This evening, as I sat in the dentist’s chair for my check-up, I gave thanks for my pearly whites.   My gratitude goes beyond having no cavities or any other dental problems, though. My smile has served me quite well in a number of ways, and I am thankful for each one.

For someone who is known more for her humor than her beauty, my smile truly is my best accessory. It gives me a boost of confidence and makes up for what I lack outwardly by conveying my inner spark of light.  When I share a genuine smile, I look and feel better, inside and out, if only in that moment.

In addition to how smiling makes me feel, I also am grateful that it can help cheer up others and lighten the mood.  Smiles, like laughter, are contagious, and I enjoy making someone crack up and crack a smile.  A simple smile also can ignite conversations and relationships of all kinds, and those unexpected moments, courtesy of a smile, definitely have garnered my gratitude.

While I usually may be found with a smile on my face, this definitely does not mean that I am always happy.  Sometimes, I wear my smile, not as a welcoming invitation, but as a mask.  I will hide behind it to avoid giving away the less than happy thoughts and feelings that take up residence in my mind and heart on occasion.  I tend to be open about my struggles, but I need to put my guard up in certain situations.  In the solitude and safety of my bedroom, I will cry myself to sleep, but when the sun comes up, I put my smile back on to help me navigate the day.

Regardless of the reason behind my smile, I am grateful for it.  Smiles, everyone, smiles!

Just one thing each day . . .



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