Here’s the Rest of the Story, Day Four

Although it is not a fancy corner office in an even fancier high rise corporate headquarters, Day Four of the seven day Facebook black and white photo challenge featured my office.  More accurately, it is the office space that I created in a cozy spot in our basement.  I work for a Fortune 500 company that employs over 50,000 people, yet I work solely from home by myself.  It is the corporate version of home alone.

While my office may not look like much, because,  well, it isn’t much at all, it is perfect for me.  And yes, it really is always that neat.  I like things to be organized and orderly, especially when I am working.  Having a clean space helps me to feel less stressed and more productive.  While I cannot control what happens in the corporate world, I can control what happens in my little corner of it.

Amidst the standard office equipment, I have incorporated some personal touches.  I have photos of my daughters and different generations of my family on the bookshelf next to my desk.  When I gaze over at these pictures of people I love so very much, I see some of my role models who instilled in me a strong work ethic and showed me how to provide for my family.  I see the faces of people who have loved and supported me unconditionally and who inspire and motivate me to be my best at work and at home.  They make for some amazing colleagues indeed.

I may physically work alone, but these sweet momentos remind me that I am never truly alone.  At work or anywhere else for that matter.


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  1. I have looked forward all week on your daily post . Thank you for sharing .

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  2. Love it! I don’t even know who you work for now….. I think your office looks perfect 😉

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