Here’s the Rest of the Story, Day Five 

I love my parents dearly.  Despite my love for them, though, there were times growing up, especially when I was a teenager, that I swore that I would be nothing like them. Nothing.  Day Five of the seven-day Facebook black and white photo challenge is proof positive of one of the many times I broke this vow to myself.

I can remember when a new appliance or a new piece of furniture would arrive in our home and how excited my parents would get about it.  At that time, I could not imagine getting jazzed about something as mundane as a chair or a microwave. That is, until my new sofa and chair were delivered the day before I took this picture.

When my daughters and I moved three months ago, we moved into a home that is half the size of our former home.  As we began the process of packing, we quickly realized that some of the furniture and other belongings that had served us well in our old house would not be a good fit in our new place. Literally.

We donated and sold what would not be making the move, and we packed up our memories and everything else and settled into our new home.  As I surveyed our empty living room, it seemed to be a fitting metaphor for the emptiness I was experiencing after leaving the safety and security of our former home and with my person.  Just as I was trying to figure out how to fill the space in my head and heart, I had to figure out how to fill this physical space. The latter definitely has been a much easier process than the former.

Almost eight weeks after ordering this new furniture, it finally arrived, and I found myself feeling far more excited about it than I had imagined.  As I surveyed the sofa and chair in their respective spots, I thought to myself how they perfectly fit, in both look and size, in our once vacant living room.  They were now part of our new home and privy to the comings and goings of our family.

A lot has changed in the past six months.  Although I am not quite sure where this fresh start will lead and what will fill the literal and figurative spaces in my life, I am hoping that everything will be worth the wait and fit perfectly, just like this furniture.

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