In recent years, it has become popular to select a word to serve as a mantra, a reminder, or a motivator of sorts for the new year.  Amplified. Inspired. Courage.  These are a few words that some of my friends have chosen for themselves in the past, while I have been left grasping for words. 

For as much as I embrace words, I never have been able to pick just one word, or even a few words, to accompany me on a new 365 day journey. I develop instantaneous writer’s block at the mere thought of this New Year’s word ritual. So, I have traveled wordless into every new year.  Until now.

A funny thing happened as 2017 began to wind down.  A word came to me.  Univited, but not unwelcome.  I was not searching for a word for 2018, but this word seemed like it had been seeking me.  And once it found me, it made itself at home and found itself incorporated in my intentions and goals.

The word that chose me is meaningful.  It has influenced me to set my intentions to create and maintain a meaningful relationship,  to return to meaningful work, and to live a meaningful life on a daily basis. 

Shortly after my word found me, it called in reinforcements, in the form of a phrase.  Just like my word, this phrase arrived out of nowhere, as I developed the concrete steps needed to add meaning to my life in 2018 and beyond. 

In order to create and sustain a meaningful relationship, career, and life, I need to flip the script.  If I stick to my usual script, I will maintain the status quo, which is not necessarily negative.  But it is not as meaningful as I desire.  I have to flip the script to have greater meaning in my life.

As I head into the new year arm-in-arm with my word and bonus phrase, I do so feeling a bit more hopeful and emboldened.  I also do so knowing that a word or a phrase cannot do the work that it will take to fulfill my intentions and reach my goals.  That remains my responsibility, and it is one that I accept.  This is how the year will begin, and let’s see how it ends.

That’s another story.  . .

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