Recently, I overheard a comment on television that made the leap from background noise to a thought provoking statement.  As soon as I heard it, I began to mull it over.  And over.  And over. 

I’m more than happy to be your distraction. While not one of the more profound sentences that I have ever heard uttered, it still managed to have a lingering effect on me.  I began to think about who and what are more than happy to be my distraction in my own life.

Sometimes, distractions are healthy and needed, for they can provide a much-needed physical, emotional, and mental break.  Listening to music.  Reading.  Watching a movie.  Socializing. Exercising. Meditating.  

Other distractions may seem to provide an escape from whatever ails us, but they may end up creating more problems.  Abusing alcohol or other substances.  Excessively using social media. Overeating.  Gossiping.  Engaging in unhealthy relationships.

As I examined my distractions, I thought of those that leave me feeling re-energized and better for having engaged them.  These are in stark contrast to those that leave me feeling drained and worse for the wear.  At times, I have tried to rationalize those latter distractions as a means to avoid or end pain.  

During some of the more challenging periods of my life, I have focused more on distracting myself than healing myself.  Eventually, I realized that my distractions could not change the situation and would not help me reach my goals. They did just the opposite actually. 

I have had to get honest with myself about the distractions I allow to occupy my physical and mental space, and that continues to be a work in progress.  For now, I am focused and undistracted.

That’s another story.  . .

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  1. Dang girl! Your words are on point!
    I’m in the process now of thinking of all unproductive distractions.
    After realizing the negative out way the positive, I know part of my unhappiness!
    Thank you!

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