Building Blocks

Building Blocks

2017 was a year of unexpected and, quite often, unwanted changes.  While change is a normal part of life, the changes that occurred last year felt anything but normal.  Moving. Grieving the end of a significant relationship. Coping with a changing work landscape.  So, I approached 2018 with a bit of trepidation, yet I also had determination to face the inevitable unknown changes that awaited me head on and heart strong.  2018 wasted no time in putting my determination to the test.

The new year is still in its infancy, but already, I have faced changes professionally and personally.  The changes are not necessarily negative in nature, and I do have a certain amount of control over some of these changes.  Nonetheless, they still are changes, and at times, change is daunting.

Part of the difficulty in facing and accepting change lies in feeling like I have to start over, when I don’t want to do so.  I just want to go forward, but it feels like with every change,  I am going backward.  At least, that is how it felt, until a friend offered me a different perspective.

In response to my recent blog, Pivot, my dear friend, Kathy, shared some words of wisdom that immediately took up residence in my heart and mind.  Kathy wrote, Remember, you are not starting over, you are building on the success you’ve already started. Simple, yet brilliant.

That one sentence made these most recent changes less intimidating, because it reminded me that I am not starting over from scratch.  I am starting from where I left off, and I am taking the lessons, experiences, knowledge, skills, and support that I have accumulated over my lifetime with me.  I am not starting over; I am taking the steps I need to take to get where I need and want to go.

It also reminded me that change does not mean failure.  Things may not always go as planned, and I may make plenty of mistakes along the way.  That said, I also have built a strong personal and profession foundation that provides stability and security during chaotic periods, and I have experienced success in one form or another in every area of my life.  I have made it this far, so, I am doing something right.

Sometimes, change is difficult and unwelcome.  Other times, it is seamless and invited in like an old friend.  No matter how change appears in my life, I always will remember the words of my friend.  Just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, I have had the power all along, my dear, and that power goes with me with each and every change.

That’s another story . . .

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  1. Beautiful message, Kristi! Reading your blog warmed my heart because I am going through some changes myself and working hard to remind myself that my experiences are trajectories of my life’s path. I am going to write down Kathy’s words of wisdom to you so I will have a reminder to remember where I have been and how strong I am. Thank you for sharing😊

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