Taking a New Path

Taking a New Path

Tomorrow signals the beginning of a new work week, and it also signals the beginning of my new job.  I am grateful and excited about this new opportunity, and I trust that, once again, my heart has led me down this new path for all of the right reasons.  It is a much-needed fresh start.

After two and a half years of working completely from home, I am having to make the transition from the virtual world to the real world.  I packed up my home office and am preparing to leave the comforts of home for an actual office.  Earlier this afternoon, despite being familiar with the location of my new office, I did a practice run to determine which route was the best one to take and how much time to allot for the commute.

While I have not seen the physical space that I will be occupying, other than in pictures, the office building is one that I am familiar with actually.  My dad used to work for the same company that I work for now, and his former office is two floors above the floor where I will be working.  When my two older sisters and I were little girls, sometimes, he would take us to the office on the weekends, while he did a bit of work.  I loved to play with his secretary’s typewriter and Rolodex (If you have no idea what either one of those items are, please, keep it to yourself, Junior!), so, it feels surreal to be returning to the same place as an adult who has my own career.

I still need to figure out my wardrobe, which is more of a challenge than you can imagine.  Even with my limited fashion sense, I know that my good yoga pants and trademark bandana are not considered business casual attire, so, I have been rifling through my closet trying to choose an outfit that will make me appear pulled together. At least on the outside.

Despite my preparation and remaining with the same company, albeit in a new role, I am feeling somewhat scared and anxious about this transition.  On one hand, I know that it is perfectly normal to feel apprehensive about changes, even positive ones.  On the other hand, I know that these feelings are not just about my career change.

As I packed up my office supplies and prepared to step into a new professional role, I became acutely aware of familiar thoughts and fears that were making their presence known.  What if I don’t do well in this job?  What if my new colleagues don’t like me?  What if I don’t enjoy the work?  What if I am not good enough?  I felt just like the little girl who used to visit my dad’s office all those years ago.

These questions came at me hard.  Then, I pushed back even harder.  I reminded myself that I am bringing my education, experience, and skills to this new role and that I have a great deal of support from my new boss and colleagues, in addition to my family and close friends.  I was led to this role for a reason, and it is a good reason at that.

I am not perfect, and I do not have to be perfect, either professionally or personally.  I only need to show up, be willing to learn, change, and grow, do my best, and hustle, and that is more than enough.  am more than enough.

I continue to connect the dots, and the answers to my many questions will be answered in due time.  In the meantime, I am following my heart down this new path, and I trust where I am going, despite my fears.  I would rather be scared and moving forward than  scared and staying stuck any day.

That’s another story . . .


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  1. Thank You Kristi

    None of us can ever be in exactly in there same place

    but your story resonates foe me, right now, in this time and place

    And I’m heartened by your words as move forward on my own new path

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  2. The elephant in the room is always “resistance to change” Embrace it and you will find the pearl in the oyster. Good luck.

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  3. Good Luck Kristi. I wish you the best of luck with your new job.

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