Chump Change

I don’t claim to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. But I do claim to have surrounded myself with some of the finest cutlery there is. Figuratively, of course, as I am culinarily clueless. I am referring to my wise, funny, and genuine friends.

I always have had a diverse group of friends throughout my life. While some of the names and faces have changed over the years, one of the things that remains the same is their uncanny ability to say the right words at just the right time to help me to take the next right step. That was the case recently.

One night, I found myself feeling frustrated and sad about certain aspects of my life, when one of my college friends messaged me out of the blue. He had no way of knowing that he had just crashed a pity party that was in full swing, but he was a welcomed guest. When he asked how I was doing, for a brief second, I thought of replying with an innocuous, and inaccurate, response of fine. But that was not exactly true, and I trust him enough to be honest about what goes on in my head and heart.

It was my pity party, and I could cry if I wanted to, but I decided to dry my eyes and spill my guts. As soon as I received his response, I knew that I had made the right decision. Once again, I heard what I needed to hear when I needed to hear it.

Included in his response was the one sentence that signaled that my pity party was now over. It could have been seen as a throw away comment, but it was a keeper and a game changer. He simply wrote, Kristi Jo, you beat cancer; everything else is chump change.

He was right. That one sentence reminded me of the day I sat at a stoplight on my way to have another biopsy done. As I waited for the light to turn green, I felt like my whole world had come to a jarring stop. I remember thinking that I would give anything to return to the things I worried about prior to my breast cancer diagnosis. None of those things mattered at that time. They had been put firmly in their place, only to re-emerge much later.

Once, and ever since, he shared these words with me, I have found myself using them to keep things in a much healthier perspective. Chump Change has become my mantra when dealing things that are stressful or painful. Those worries and concerns still matter, but just not as much.

This particular friend always has made me smile big time, and lately, he has made me think big time. About what matters. About who matters. About what I have overcome. About what I am capable of doing. It is all about perspective indeed. It also is all about whom you invite to the party.

That’s another story. . .


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  1. Love this KJ, and Im going to borrow your friend’s wise phrase “chump changel as well. It is simply genius!

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