I Believe in Miracles

Do you really think we can make this happen? That is the simple, straightforward question that was posed to me recently. My initial response of, Yes, I really do, was followed by a more heartfelt response moments later.

I had no intention of sharing my more elaborate reply with anyone, other than the person who sought out this answer from me, but he deemed it beautiful and suggested that I publish it. I trust his judgment, so, he can take credit, or blame, for this! I was going to edit my response a bit, before deciding to leave it as is.  The following is what I shared with him:

Every day, I look at a young lady who took me 5 years and countless injections and procedures to have. . .Every day, I look at another young lady who was given a 0.5% chance of ever being conceived and who was given equally dismal odds of being physically and mentally “normal” when she burst into the world 8 weeks early, and she defied them all. . .Every day, I look in the mirror and see a girl from Kentucky who had the ability to end her life numerous times, but chose not to, even though she did not know why she should stick around. . .Every day, I see a scar and remember the initial dire predictions about my initiation into this stupid club that never happened. . .Every day, I get to love my sweet boy whom I thought I would never see again, much less be loved by. . .So, forgive me, if I naively believe in the seemingly impossible.

While you do not know what this question is in reference to or who asked me the question, we all face questions that have no seemingly logical or readily available answers.  So, we put our faith and trust in something greater than ourselves and our basic understanding of life, and we allow the answers and miracles we seek to unfold when and how they are meant to for our greatest good.

At times, when I have felt utterly hopeless and damaged beyond repair, I remind myself of the miracles that have come to pass.  In the midst of despair, those reminders have been like a lifeline for me to cling to until the next miracle arrives.  It is the possibility that a miracle can occur that keeps me going until I can take the next right step and then the next one and the one after that.

Miracles come in all shapes, sizes, forms, and ways, if only, we open our eyes, hearts, and minds to receive them.  The examples that I shared about some of the miracles in my own life may not be of the burning bush type, but they definitely changed my life in unexpected ways that have been nothing short of miraculous.  Miracles tend to be like that.  They sneak up on us, and at times, they are so subtle that we do not recognize them at all.  They are there, though, making the impossible possible. And that is my best and final answer to that question.

That’s another story . . .

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  1. Love you, KJJ. I BELIEVE in Miracles.

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