Life Is Good Today

Today does not find me with my toes in the water, and my ass is not in the sand. I do not have a cold beer in my hand, either. My world does contain some worries, but life is good today. Life is good every day actually.

Sometimes, I view life as being good only when something out of the ordinary or exciting happens. Going on a vacation. Receiving a financial boost. Celebrating special occasions with family and friends. Attending a concert. While these things can make life all the better indeed, they do not happen on a daily, or a regular, basis, though. Over the weekend, I was reminded how good life is every day, even when, and especially when, those days are ordinary.

I had gone to visit some dear college friends of mine, for what was originally supposed to be a routine visit, but some last-minute tickets to The Pretenders concert turned it into something more. The show was truly amazing, and it set the stage for more good things to come over the next few days.

The next day, while one of my friends finished up some work, I accompanied my other friend, her husband, while he ran some errands around town. It was an absolutely stunning day, with temperatures in the low 80s, low humidity, bright sunshine, and clear blue skies. We went from place to place in his convertible, with the top down and the music up. We chatted and laughed, and because we both share an immense love of music, we listened to some of our favorite artists, Rush. Jimmy Buffett, Pearl Jam, and the  Zac Brown Band, just to name a few. We air drummed and sang along with unabashed gusto.

As we sped down one of the scenic back roads toward our next destination, the Zac Brown Band song, Toes, came on. There are no adequate words to capture the pure and simple joy that I felt in that moment. As we sang the lyric, Life is good today, I could not stop smiling. It was during this particular sing along that I began to rethink what constitutes a good life or a good day.

I continued to think about this after my visit concluded. Once I opened up my heart and mind to an expanded definition of good, I was overwhelmed with just how good my weekend had been. In addition to the concert, these are some the many things that made for a good day and a good weekend:

Being in the mere presence of my friends and being made to feel part of their family. They have taken me under their wings and helped me to find my own wings along the way, and they have opened their home and hearts to me.

Sleeping in the most comfortable guest bed in existence. Seriously, the bed in what I refer to as my room lulls me into a peaceful slumber every time.

Sipping bourbon in front of their outdoor fireplace, as the conversation lasted well into the night. The beautiful day gave way to an equally beautiful night. It was a seamless mixture of old and new friends enjoying some fine spirits and even finer company.

Having a safe, beautiful drive home. It always is difficult to say good-bye to people whom I love, but the rolling fields and farms that dot my route home always help to pass the time and ease the sorrow after we part ways.

Arriving home to find my daughters and cats waiting for me.  Being greeted with hugs and kisses from my two daughters and cuddles from our two cats made for a very warm welcome.  There really is no place like home.

Receiving a call from someone who means the world to me. Enough said. . .for now.

Ending my day with Yoga Nidra. This was the perfect way to end the weekend, as it left me feeling calm, centered, and relaxed.

All of these events made for three good days, and good days are what make up a good life. Some days are better than others, but there is always something good about each day. Thanks to my friends and the Zac Brown Band for this reminder.

That’s another story. . .

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